Getting Started

A collection of basic tutorials to get you up and going with the Library à la Carte tool. If you are just beginning to use Library à la Carte this is a great place to start!


A collection of tutorials specifically about the different types of modules and their functionality. Look here if you are looking for help with the rich-text editor, tips on using the widget module, uploading images, plus more.


A collection of tutorials explaining everything about Pages. Whether you're creating your first course page or your umpteenth, look here for help with your pages.


A collection of tutorials centered on all things guide related. Look here for help with all the functionality found on Guides.



A collection of tutorials centered on all things, well, Tutorial related. This is where you can learn all about Tutorials, Units and Quizzes.


Admin / Developers

A collection of  tutorials just for admins and developers of the system. Whether you're just setting up à la Carte or you want to implement new features, this is where to look.