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Bug with copy guide option

We have a bug in our A La Carte at Université de Montreal : one of our guide have more than 100 000 tabs!!

We analysed our log file and we think that the problem appeared after one of my colleague copied a guide with option "reuse modules". She tried it after in OSU demo and she also met a problem. Do you met this issue too ? Do you have more information about this issue ?

Since this bug, we are not able to connect into À La Carte. We tried to clean the database with these actions but it doesn't work :

ica_production.tabs t WHERE t.guide_id = 18  ## 109414 rows to delete


ica_production.tab_resources WHERE t.guide_id = 18  ## 328241 rows to delete


ica_production.resources r WHERE t.guide_id in (18) ## 6669 rows to delete


ica_production.resources_users WHERE t.guide_id in (18)  ## 6874 row to delete



Do you have some ideas of solution ? Thank you for your help!




Yes. I am seeing it. I am working on a fix. Try restarting apache (or whatever web server your using) to reconnect.

Bug Fix

I pushed a bug fix out. See You should replace guide_controller.rb with the one in the package.
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