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Problems getting full list of modules to appear

Last month we upgraded successfully from v1.3 to v1.4 and have run into a very serious problem. Specifically, the display of our global modules list is not working correctly. 

In v1.3 the pagination at the bottom of the page worked, and gave us paging options for our two pages of global modules, along with the show all link.

In v1.4 , only the first page is displayed and the link displayed at the bottom is "show less".  If I manually add "&all=all" to the URL, the rest of the global modules then appear.  If I instead add "&page=2" to the URL, then the second page of global modules properly apears, but still with "show less" at the bottom.

I have not been able to fix this behavior yet - can anyone please help?  Please please please!!!  Even if it is just a ointer to the correct location to hard-code an "&all=all" to the display....

Thanks in advance.

-Edward Spodick, HKUST Library,


Global list

I will push out a fix for this ASAP.


Release 1.4.5 fixes this and other bugs
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