Library à la Carte Release 1.3

We are very pleased to announce a new release of Library a la Carte. The new release involves some under-the-hood changes, new librarian-requested features and some improvements to existing features. There are also some design and layout changes to the tool, and work continues on making the public pages meet section 508 requirements and improving the usability of the tool.

New and Improved features:

Multi-discipline course pages
You can now create course pages for multiple subjects, i.e. BA/EC 100. The multi-subject course pages will be listed under each subject on the portal pages, making it easy for students to fine. The page will be listed in the tool once, alphabetized by subjects.

Improved Dashboard
Get started quicker by browsing or creating guides, pages, and modules right from the dashboard. It will also help you keep track of your work by listing your most recent activity. And you can still edit your account and set your default contact module from the dashboard too.

Sortable Tabs
You can now drag-and-drop a subject guide's tabs to rearrange them in a new order.

Edit Left-Hand Side of Guides
Related Guides

This feature gives you control over the related subject guides that are listed on the public view of course pages. You can either continue to let the tool control the related guides, or you can edit the related guides to remove or add guides as you see fit. You can edit the relateds from a pages edit view.

Contact Module
Set your default contact module from your dashboard or select an individual contact for a guide/page from its edit view.

Improved RSS Module
The RSS module is now using Google Reader to serve up RSS feeds, making the module quicker to load and helping Librarians find RSS feeds to add to their guides. The RSS module now lets a librarian choose between adding a RSS URL or letting Google find RSS feeds based on a topic or website, and then customize how the RSS feeds will display. You can even let students find feeds by showing a Google RSS search box that returns RSS feeds right to the guide.

Guide RSS Syndication
The course pages and subject guides now syndicate a RSS feed that students or instructors can subscribe to and get alerts when new content is added to the guides.

Look and Feel Changes:

Module Name Changes
Some of the module content types (Librarian Profile, RSS Feeds, ...) have been renamed to reflect changes to the tool or the module:
Course Attachments -> Attachments
This module allows to upload and embed images or upload and link to documents.
Course Widgets -> Multi-media Widgets
Embed third party widgets in this module.

Tool: Small changes to tool interface layout and color
Public Pages: Section 508 alterations

Bug Fixes: Sorting, user account alteration and registration bugs
Speed: Code changes to speed up page load.
Section 508: Changes to images and chat to validate 508.

As always if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback let us know.

-- the Library à la Carte Team


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